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MVC Dynamic Forms GUI allows you to create dynamic data-collection forms using Microsoft MVC. It is a complete web front-end that lets you rapidly build data collection forms using quick field configuration and drag-and-drop. This project uses the MVC Dynamic Forms component.

I added a related project for Frontdesk which highlights some of the more recent dynamic form/autoresponder work I've now MIT licensed. It is a different, ground-up approach using dynamic use of partial views to create a form...

A GUI for the MVC Dynamic Forms Component

This project is a front-end GUI which allows the use of the MVC Dynamic Forms component with a complete web-based, MVC interface. It uses the component unmodified and is intended to be a "mini-Wufoo" type of system in MVC. Presently it has form creation capabilities within the MVC roles & security model, and allows a drag-and-drop/rapid form field configuration. Forms may be embedded on your own website and will still collect data to the MVC Dynamic Forms GUI project database. PDF and CSV form-collection data export, plus advanced look-and-feel options won't be found here--look at the related project 'Frontdesk' referenced on this page instead!

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