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Razor engine, Edit/Create- from fields count is 0 in controllers


great job, it working cool for dynamic forms with aspx, but I converted the entire project to razor engine, everything is working cool, except I can't add a new form with fields,

Problem is I can able to add new form fields from UI and its aligning properly, but when I try to save the form & fields I m getting formfieldcount =0, from the model object of the control for both Create/Edit actions.

help me out in getting this fixed.
Thanks in advance

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rajmouliankireddy wrote Feb 2, 2014 at 7:35 AM

I got the fix.

Sorry its absolutely my mistake, while doing the conversion from aspx to razor, I converted all partial views with Html.BeginForm(), but it has to be Html.BeginCollectionItem()

Its the only fix and every thing working awesome.

Thanks again
Mouli (